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QotD: Snow Days

Question: What's your most memorable snow day? For those who live in areas without snow, what's the most memorable school cancellation?

My Answer: Can't say. We never had one, not a single one of 'em. One time, in high school, we had three feet of snow dumped on us overnight. I was sure we'd have no school. Every other school in the area was cancelled. My school? 2-hour delay. Took me 45 minutes to walk to school… ¼ mile from my house. In college we never cancelled school either, but the town my college was located in cancelled the entire month of January one year because it was too cold. Sissies!

I just shoveled Carey's car out of the driveway. Anyone wants a good workout? Shovel snow. Whooooey!

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5 Responses to "QotD: Snow Days"

  1. I can clearly remember it. There was a fairly large snowstorm around '97 and school was cancelled the entire week. It just so happened that a school ski trip was scheduled for Wednesday night that week. The way our school ski trips worked was that they just bulk bought the passes so you had a pass that looked like a season pass but it only worked for X-amount of trips (in our case 6) and you paid a little bit extra when signing up if you wanted to ride the bus up to the mountain (if you had a car and could drive yourself you didn't have to pay extra and you could also just use your trips whenever). My buddy Matt Walters and I were hardcore about skiing so we drove up. The roads were horrible, but we were in my parents Areostar (extended model) so the all wheel drive, snow tires and the fact that it just weighed a lot made it easy for us to drive up. So we get up to the mountain (Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania) and nobody is in the lobby. The place looks open, but other than the occasional worker, no one was there. We suit up and strap on our skis and head out to where they scan our passes and let us on the slope. No one is there. We waited around for a bit, knocked on the little hut that the guy with the scanner waits in, no one is there. Finally we decide we'll just ski, we can see lifts operating in the distance but we see no one else on the mountain. We make it down to the bottom of the high-speed quad and it's running but the lifty isn't by it, we ski up and see he's just in the room with the equipment, he just waves us on. It was the best skiing I've ever had in PA. That night we skiied on several inches of fresh powder and the mountain was empty. We saw about half a dozen ski patrollers the entire night and only three other regular skiiers. We eventually got to talking with one of the lifties at the bottom and they just weren't checking tags that night since they were understaffed and there was barely any skiiers there. It was incredible. Best snow day ever.

  2. August 26, 1992 - The first two weeks of my senior year was cancelled due to Hurricane Andrew. My school only had minor damage, but the auditorium was condemed and the gym's floor was warped.

  3. Erik, we did have one day cancelled like our sophomore or junior year. The governor shut the whole state down because of a freeze emergency. I remember walking home from school that day when they let us out early because of the shut-down and I was like, man, it's cold! Erik and I went to the same high school, in the same graduating class. If you ask me, it's pretty bad when the only day they cancelled was forced on them by the king of the entire state. He's right, we never once had a snow day that I can remember regardless of the exhorbitant amount of snow we regularly received.

  4. Seth, getting out early isn't a snow day. 😛

  5. I don't think we ever had school cancelled.