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QotD: Super Bowl

Question: What are your Super Bowl XXXIX predictions? How about your Super Bowl XL predictions?

My Answer: Patriots 27, Eagles 17. Steelers 27, Falcons 10. It's appalling the quality of play in the NFC - I can't see anyone pulling out a winning season except the Eagles and Falcons. It will obviously happen, but I think another year of maturity and a wide receiver or two, and the Falcons topple the Eagles. Two quarterbacks failed miserably on Sunday and their teams lost.

Incidentally, I think it'd be awesome to play in "Super Bowl XL." Roman numerals are sometimes very cool for marketing folks. 🙂

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4 Responses to "QotD: Super Bowl"

  1. Eagles 24, Patriots 21

    Steelers 31, Falcons 17

  2. Eagles 17, Patriots 15 (5 Vinateri FGs)

    Eagles 33, Steelers 28

    Oh, and Rendell for Pres. 2008.

    Just kidding on that last bit...

  3. Here it is Super Bowl XL Steelers 21 Panthers 20 MVP Roethlisberger

  4. Simple folks, Super Bowl 40's out come WILL be:

    Steelers - 24
    Seahawks - 17

    Rothlisberber: 28/35, 1 INT, 2 TDS
    Hasselbeck: 31/42, 1 TD

    Parker: 104 YRDS, TD
    Alexander: 122 YRDS, TD

    H. Ward: 135 YRDS, 9 REC, TD
    Jurevicius: 124 YRDS, 7 REC, TD

    Polamalu: 1 SACK, 2 TIPS
    B. Fisher: 2 SACKS, 1 TIP

    M.V.P: Rothlisberger(of course... :-()

    And there you have it.. my thoughts on Super Bowl XL.