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(College) Cocoa Programmer Wanted

Are you a college student? If so, Freshly Squeezed Software may have some work for you. Over the next five months, we would like to hire a college student to craft and sell an FSS product. College students will have the support of our entire library of code, our help, our promotion, etc. Pay will be in the form of a (significant) percentage of sales.

Incidentally, I say "college students" merely because I'm looking for someone who wishes to build a résumé. If that applies to you, kindly ignore the "college" part.

Please contact me via AIM, state your purpose, and don't ask for too many details about the inner workings of FSS - we'll want to see if you're remotely qualified and capable first, thank you. 🙂

3 Responses to "(College) Cocoa Programmer Wanted"

  1. This a pretty cool thing you are doing Erik, I passed this along to our (largely student) NCSU MUG - some of them tried to start up a "Cocoa@NCSU" group last year that I'm not sure how far it got off the ground - but there was some interest.

    And they never know until they try.

  2. Crap. I'm a college student who loves coding in cocoa and who wants to build a resumé. Too bad I am just starting and I suck at it...

  3. Ooh! Look! I love this! You can tell it's a post from a Mac-using pedant (like me): the word resume contains _both_ accents: résumé the comments do not. Erik could almost be Canadian.