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QotD: Downloading

Question: Ignoring things that are cached, how much do you download in an average day?

My Answer: Counting email (mainly the attachments), around 125 MB. Most of my downloading is done via Safari or FTPeel, of course, and there's an occasional odd day where I download a Tiger seed or something (what, 3.2 GB or so right?). Most days it's just movies and demo apps, CVS, email attachments, that sort of thing.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Downloading"

  1. Question of the Day: Downloading

    How much I download.

  2. On average, maybe 250 MB. For example, today, I downloaded 750 MB of video from

    Yesterday, it was Eclipse, JDK, NetBeans. Day before that, not much; I was busy. 😉