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Cursing the Pages Cursor

Pages needs to not put the damn cursor in a new spot when I click on a document window from another application. Just leave it where it is, dammit.

In the past five minutes, I've begun typing in the wrong place about ten times because I'm switching between Interface Builder and Pages. I realize I could use cmd-tab, but when I'm moving the mouse around in IB it's faster to click the big ol' Pages window.

5 Responses to "Cursing the Pages Cursor"

  1. Yeah, that bugs me too. Maybe they'll change it in an update. I haven't bothered to file a feature request yet.

    Two bugs which I did report to Apple:

    Tabs don't work with full justification ... they're treated as spaces. They do work with left-justified text. Go figure. (3976223)You can crash Pages pretty easily: (3976251)Type some textOpen the inspector to the text pane and click the "list" tabChoose "text bullets"Click in the "size" field and type "200%" (or any other value)Now try clicking in the other text fields in the inspector. Note that they don't get keyboard focus.Click on any of the NSStepper controls a few times. Pages will crash.A bit more obscure, but it's a crasher, so it'll probably be fixed sooner.

  2. Yeah, I noticed this too. Quite annoying.

  3. Number one bug, though, has to be the fact that it won't remember my settings from document to document! I want layout displayed, dammit!

  4. I want it to sort user created templates to the top of the template list, not to the end (users are more likely to use the ones they made :P)

    I used the public feedback rather than radar.. I don't know why. 🙂

  5. Funny, I have the opposite reaction. 🙂 I get really pissed off when TextWrangler doesn't move the cursor. Did I hit the stupid numlock key aga.... oh. dammit!

    So far I like Pages, though I mostly picked up iWork for the Keynote update. Most of my technical writing is done in LaTeX for the equations and cross-referencing features (a fair number of journals take LaTeX as a submission format as well).