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QotD: Free Time

Question: On average, how much "free time" do you have in an average day? Free time is defined as time with no obligations to work, significant others, or friends, and unless we're talking about luxurious baths, it doesn't include time for showering, bathing, dressing, cleaning, etc.

My Answer: About 30 minutes. Startling.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Free Time"

  1. What's free time?

  2. I've heard about that concept before. I think it was on TV, but I couldn't really watch, because I was working...

  3. Free time is what ou had when you were a teenager living with your parents.

    It's also the amount of time it takes to post a comment on thsi blog.


  4. It ranges from about 1-4 hours per day.

  5. About 5 hours/day because I do shift work 0445-1315 and my sigot does 0930-1900.