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Well, this about tells the story:

Acquisition price: $16.93 (USD)
Sale price: $79.19 (USD)

Let's see, that's only a 468% increase. In about a year. Not too shabby.

2 Responses to "AAPL"

  1. Now THAT'S awesome - salud! Always good to see someone else making money in the tech market 🙂

    (I toyed with buying it at 30 but balked thinking that the iPod was going to be a one-pump-chump... never thought they'd finally take the cheaper market seriously!)

  2. Two batches burning a hole in my pocket: one at $16-ish and one at $17ish. The one at $35-ish is the bastard child no one talks about...

    When I dump it, curiously, I'm just going to give it back to AAPL in order to get a Mac mini and a second (yes, second) iPod shuffle. Investing in Apple for me is like working at a retail clothing store: your paycheck goes right back into the register.