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Question: What's your average credit card APR?

My Answer: I have only one, and in about a week or two it will have a $0 balance. Its APR is 17.9%.

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8 Responses to "QotD: APR"

  1. Two cards. One gets 90% of our activity, gets paid off every month, and as a "thank-you" they give me a 19.99% APR. The other gets paid off monthly as well, but gives a 15.24%. Both are "platinum cards", with >$10K limits.

  2. I have not had a credit card in over seven years. No outstanding balances, no APR, no bills. If it's worth having, it's worth saving for...

  3. I really have no clue what my APR's are. I never carry a balance so I never cared... and since I never spend more than I take it... and save BEFORE I make a big purchase I make some money off my credit card companies.

    This year I made a pledge to drop my credit cards that don't offer reward programs...

    I just looked my APR is 15.49% for my main card (Discover).

    BTW: Frontline had a great piece on the Credit Card industry, Secret History of the Credit Card.

  4. QotD: APR

    from nslog as always

    Question: What's your average credit card APR?

    20% something in that range. It is ridiculous. I made some poor choices my first few years of college in spending too much and earning too little so I have some credit card de...

  5. Wha-- ? I wouldn't settle for any credit card with an apr greater than 12%. And no annual fee or sneaky clauses. And I'm under 30 and don't even have particularly good credit.

  6. I wouldn't settle for any credit card with an apr greater than 12%.

    If you don't carry a balance you really don't care about the APR… well you might but its not somebig thing.

  7. Like Samual, I don't know my APRs and I don't care about APR because I never carry a balance. Of course I won't use a credit card with an annual fee.

  8. 6.9% on one and 7.9% on the other. But 5 years ago, when I was 26 and newly divorced, the only card I could get was with a $500 limit, and 22.9% thanks to my ex-wife.