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Pages “Missing Font” Error

Thank you, Pages, for telling me that "NewBaskerville" is missing from my document, even though it's specified in some style or another.

No thank you for providing me absolutely no way of knowing what style contains NewBaskerville.


P.S. The XML doesn't even have line breaks, making tracking down the style with the missing font difficult at best.

3 Responses to "Pages “Missing Font” Error"

  1. Because using xmllint(1) is so hard...

  2. Rosyna, even if I did sludge through using xmllint, Pages doesn't seem to offer any way to remove that font from the template.

  3. because if Pages is going to use XML, then it's obviously just too HARD to format it so that it can be more easily read. After all, it's not like ease of use is a cornerstone of Apple's existance.

    Oh, wait...crap