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10.3.8 Revs my Fans

Brad mentioned to me that his later-model G5 (I have the dual 2.0 GHz, he has the next model afterwards) continues to have fan revving problems, and that he was going to get 10.3.8 immediately because he heard it helped to solve the problems.

I have 10.3.8, and my G5 has never revved up the fans so frequently as it does now! I used to be able to hit 100% spikes in CPU usage for 30 seconds or so before the fans would kick in - now they jump immediately when the I hit 25% on one processor.

If anything, the temperature in my office is a degree or two cooler today than a week ago. Argh!

9 Responses to "10.3.8 Revs my Fans"

  1. I have a similar issue and I keep waiting for an OS X update to fix it. I have a 1.25 GHz 17" flat-panel iMac whose fan has been screaming at me for months. When I first got it (January 2004) the fan didn't run all the time, and using that unit was quiet bliss... just like my Cube. Now, however, it's worse than my PowerBook - at least my PB's fan doesn't run all the time! 🙁

    I really hope some update fixes this...

  2. Yes! I thought I was going crazy. This is definitely a 10.3.8 thing -- just after upgrading this morning my fans now frequently rev up around 25% CPU usage. So, is this a good thing or bad? (It's certainly annoying...)

  3. Yep, my fans go nuts on my Dual 2Ghz. As an added benefit, the power supply 'chirp' problem that has plagued me for ages seems to have gradually disappeared.

  4. XLR8YourMac suggests that changing your Energy Saver setting to "Highest" performance may shut the fans up, and that "Automatic" is causing troubles.

    Of course, XLR8YourMac is behind the times and that link is not a PermaLink, and so, will soon probably fail to work.

  5. hmm. I've been testing 10.3.8 for a few weeks now (yes, legally, I'm an ADC Select member) and I never noticed the fans on my Dual 2.0 GHz machine coming on.

    But aside from one particular seed of a different version of Mac OS X, I've never had the fan come on much on this machine anyway, so perhaps my machine is particularly cool. (Or my office is just colder than most.)

  6. Same issue here with my Dual 2.0. I was simply reading the Sydney Morning Herald online and the fans would spool up.

    What's even more annoying is that changing my energy saver settings to highest creates a low buzz from my G5 which is more annoying than the fans spooling up. Maybe it's time to switch to the ADC Tiger builds full time. :-/

  7. Now that someone else has mentioned it, I have noticed odd fan behavior. The usual enter/delete/enter/delete/enter/delete/enter/delete thing that I do in PulpFiction Lite to load up Safari seems to put the fans into overdrive.


    Running the OGR client generally doesn't make the fans go at full speed. Before this update, running the client would usually make the CPU temperature graphs into sine waves as the fans alternated between "inaudible breeze" and "hurricane".

    The tweak seems to be a win for me, even if it does act up for PF Lite.

  8. Same thing is happening to really irritates me. I wish there was a utility that allowed me to control my fans..because they just go off for every little spike in CPU heat.


    going nutts with the OverREVVING of the fans...someone help!