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Cocoa Book: Co-Author Needed

I'll be brief and expose the details to those who are potential candidates.

I have a standing offer to write a book covering Cocoa software development, and am seeking a co-author. The former co-author was/is, well, quite bad to be as gentle as possible, and so I am looking for a replacement.

Incredible command of the English language as well as a solid understanding of C, C++, Objective-C, and the Cocoa frameworks (not necessarily an advanced understanding, but a solid one) are musts, as is a solid work ethic and 20 hours/week of time to work on the book.

The contract is through an established publishing company and work and proceeds will be split accordingly (50/50 being ideal for both work and proceeds, though I will entertain offers of varying degrees of "co-," so to speak).

P.S. Contact via email is best ("me@" this domain), but please include your AIM screen name for follow-ups.