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RIP Microsoft

ABC News has an article called "R.I.P. Microsoft":

Great, healthy companies not only dominate the market, but share of mind. Look at Apple these days. But when was the last time you thought about Microsoft, except in frustration or anger? The company just announced a powerful new search engine, designed to take on Google -- but did anybody notice?

I noticed only because I read stories that they announced a number of pages just over Google's (6 billion to 5 billion, IIRC), and then Google immediately bumped their number (to 8 billion+).

One Response to "RIP Microsoft"

  1. As much as I would like to, but I think it would be a bit premature to count them out yet. In the server space, they are one of the major players, not more and not less. This is at least my first-hand experience with customers. Their significance in the desktop market does not seem to translate in adequate sales there, but nevertheless their presence shows, which is also true for their weaker divisions (XBox, MSN etc.).

    I am quite happy about the fact that they cannot seem to conquer all markets with their desktop monopoly (MSN still does not dominate the search engine space despite the fact that they try literally everything to push WinIE users onto their sites). With Longhorn, they seem to bet the company on their DRM stuff and it remains to be seen if the users put up with that. There's also hope that the EU commission will keep controlling them in the future after the DOJ seems to have completely let go on the issue.