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Gun Control

I rarely laugh audibly (at blog entries) these days, but the retelling of a classic joke earned a chuckle from me today:

A man armed with an assault rifle went into a Best Buy store in Kingston, New York, today and opened fire, according to the AP. He wounded one person before running out of ammunition.

We desperately need an aggressive, federally overseen gun control program in this country. I mean, come on. How much of a spaz do you have to be to unload a rifle in a crowded store and miss everybody? I've heard of not being able to hit the broad side of a barn, but this is ridiculous.

Hardy har har. The only thing funnier than the ol' joke is the five or six posts by Morgan "Clueless" Painter.

2 Responses to "Gun Control"

  1. You rarely laugh audibly? If so, try Futurama, which was the source of an audible laugh for me today when an x-ray of "Bender" included a brief view of his brain, which was labeled "6502."

  2. I am posting on this topic not to get into an arguement over the computer with someone i don't even know, but to shed some light on it. First i am from Kingston New York. The man who did walk into Best Buy with an assault rifle went to my school also. I didn't know him, but i knew of him. When i was in 12th grade, he was in 9th. I live down the road from the mall that this incident took place. Robert didn't go to the mall with the intention of HITTING anyone with a bullet. He did not AIM at anyone. He went down by the hudson river by my house first for a couople hours and put the gun to his own head. He couldn't do it so he went to Wal-Mart next to the mall, bought the extra ammo and headed to the mall. His intention was to fire the gun until SWAT or the police killed him. LUCKILY he RAN OUT of ammo before they even got inside the mall. People in the mall got him first after he put his gun down on the floor and was tackled. He was not a moron who couldn't aim, he was not TRYING TO KILL anyone. My school had guys who were taught as young kids to hunt. So it was not that. He asked when he was being put in the squad car if he killed anyone. We here now know from the people in the mall that he was not aiming at anyone, that he fired at store windows and the floor. NOT SAYING that he couldn't have killed people doing that, OF COURSE HE COULD HAVE. But thank god that didn't happen.