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QotD: Vacation

Question: Where did you take your last vacation?

My Answer: Hawaii, about six years ago. But I'll be heading down to North Carolina in less than two weeks for a whopping three-day (golf) vacation, and I'm psyched!

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4 Responses to "QotD: Vacation"

  1. Walt Disney World two years ago. Trish and I spent a whole week at a hotel on Disney property, so I really didn't have any need to use my car the whole time. Which benefitted me because I went 'around the world' at Epcot, hitting the pub in the UK all the way around to Mexico with a 'Rita. Needless to say-- I was no shape for driving.


  2. Vegas in May 2004 -- My wedding/honeymoon. Now that we have a newborn, no more vacation until we go back to Vegas for our one year anniversary.

  3. My last vacation (as in, not just a trip to visit family) was last August - I took my wife to Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, and Savannah GA for a week-long 5-year anniversary celebration.

  4. Hawaii, last month, to visit my sister who moved to Kauai last year.

    Before that my last two were camping trips, to Oregon last summer and Utah the year before that.

    I'll probably take a vacation this summer. I get 22.5 vacation days per year, so it shouldn't be any problem taking another vacation this year. 🙂 No idea where I'm going yet, though.