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1 GB Shuffle on its Way

My 1 GB iPod shuffle is on its way. Someone owed me a few bucks, so instead of asking for the money, I asked for an iPod shuffle. And kicked in an extra $40 to get the 1 GB model.

Should come in handy when I go to the golf dome and hit balls during the winter. Especially since the battery in my 30 GB iPod is toast. But I knew it would be - I left it plugged in to my car the entire time I lived in FL.

3 Responses to "1 GB Shuffle on its Way"

  1. I picked up my 512mb Shuffle this weekend at the Best Buy in Erie. I was surprised they had them in stock. They had a good stock of both the 512 and the 1gb version.

  2. A few weeks back I bought a 1GB shuffle for my wife. She's not real big on technology, so this was a big first step... and she LOVES it. She won't let me touch it (except to load new music for her, which she wants to learn how to do herself) and never goes anywhere without it.

  3. I got my iPod shuffle today. In the first hour with it: Thanks, José, for setting the volume to the loudest setting. I shall get you yet! :-DIt's small, it's light. Duh.I wish the slider on the back had a...