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Apple Store Celebs

This article in Wired reminded me of the many celebrities I met while working in a few Apple stores in south Florida.

Shaquille O'Neal wandered around the mall quite a few times. Of course, he's now a member of the Miami Heat, but he was still a Laker for many of his jaunts around the store. Celebrities like Florida - they make a lot of money and Florida doesn't have state income tax. Nor does Texas. Y'know, those Bush states…

Perhaps my favorite celebrity customers were the Bryan Brothers, twin top-ranked doubles tennis players. They're pictured here with one of my pals, Pete.

Bryan Brothers

Mischa Barton dropped by once or twice on her way to South Beach, presumably. She's incredibly nice… and a tad air-headed. Her character on The O.C. isn't much of a stretch. Not so sure about the lesbian thing, though…

John Mayer is one of my favorite celebrities, partly because I was the only one who recognized him. The fact that one of his computers brought up his name, his New York City address, and his 47 other computers kinda gave it away. We talked - low-key-like - for about an hour and he dropped by the next day to continue our chat. Incredibly nice, incredibly quick to grasp things, and incredibly talented. While concentrating on the task at hand, he absentmindedly composed a four-minute GarageBand track I still listen to occasionally.

I've met a few other celebs. Some football players, some CEOs, some recording artists. Mandy Moore dropped by twice.

All in a day's work, I suppose.

5 Responses to "Apple Store Celebs"

  1. Neither does know, that Kerry state. Meanwhile, Oregon, that other Kerry state, doesn't have any sales tax.

  2. You'd be amazed how frequently people got CDs stuck in their computer, and as ForeverGeek suggests, eject-cd in open firmware is the easiest way to get a disc out of your Mac. Never, ever did I as a Mac Genius...

  3. Incidentally neither does Alaska. Alaska doesn't have any sort of state taxes.

  4. New Hampshire is also free of state income taxes. And there is no sales tax.

  5. If you ever run into John Mayer again, please tell him I'm somewhat smart and totally available!! 😉