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QotD: Contrived Holidays

Question: Is there any more contrived a holiday than Valentine's Day?

My Answer: Christmas is close, only because it's been so bastardized into the savior of all retailers and the bane of all who prefer to give meaningful gifts throughout the year, but I'd have to say that VD takes the cake (or the chalky, bad-tasting candy heart, in this case). VD, hmm…

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5 Responses to "QotD: Contrived Holidays"

  1. I agree that VD is pretty contrived, but at least the after-taste is short lived unlike X-Mas. Luckily you don't see much along the lines of after Valentine's Day liquidation sales. Although it does seem like they are starting VD earlier and earlier.

  2. Sweetest Day. It's like Valenines Day, but more corporate.

  3. Kwanzaa -- Chistmas for African Americans

  4. "White Day" - it's basically a second valentines day in Japan.

  5. Secretary's Day? Grandparent's Day?

    MLK Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Flag Day, President's Day, etc. if you want to be literal. 🙂

    Valentine's Day is actually a really old holiday going back much farther than Hallmark, M&MMars and the gang. The guy was martyred in the 3rd century after all.

    I don't like corporate/government holidays as much as religious or semi-religious holidays for some reason.