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Sand Trap Logo Design Contest

The Sand needs a logo. I'm considering having a design contest - they've worked out well in the past. Ideally, whomever creates a logo would also be able to send it in Illustrator, so that I can quickly make a business card and run to Kinko's to get some cards printed.

So, here's the deal: we need a logo for the site and business cards. The winning entry will get $100 or a 512 MB iPod shuffle. Submit entries by midnight ET on February 18 (short notice, I know).

If you have an idea, an hour or two of work nets you $100 - about right for design work. If you don't have an idea, well, even if you did win it may not be cost effective for you to try, as you'd spend hours tinkering.

Kiran (a staff member at TST) and I will be the judges. Anyone who submits a design not chosen as the winner retains the rights to their work. If you have questions, ask them here and I'll answer them.

Send submissions to erik @ The Sand Trap's domain (.com). You may submit as many entries as you want.

One Response to "Sand Trap Logo Design Contest"

  1. Ideally, we're looking for just an image - not one that incorporates a typeface. We want to just plop it down in the top bar (and on a business card) of the site, left of the "logo" (the name and the slogan) we have now (which will slide a little right).