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D70, 20D, and Waiting a Month or Two

Nikon D70I've decided to wait a month or two before I make any decisions about the 20D or the D70. PMA 2005 kicks off next week, and I know enough about trade shows to wait for price drops, new product announcements, etc.

I went to a local camera store today, and the gentleman who assisted me pushed me firmly (but politely and without the "hard sell") towards the D70. A friend of mine, whose opinion I value above any other, strongly feels that Canon equipment is best. Thing is: there's no way I'm spending the $2k I'd have to spend on the 20D and a good starter lens.

So, here's to waiting a month or two, and taking the venerable CoolPix 995 with me to North Carolina next Friday.

P.S. Nikon's $200 rebate runs through March 31, 2005.

9 Responses to "D70, 20D, and Waiting a Month or Two"

  1. The Canon vs Nikon discussions seem to be as animated as vi vs emacs or java vs ruby/python or Mac vs Linux vs Windows.

    In the end it's really about taking the photos, I'm not sure my photos would be dramatically different if were I to use my FM2 or my D70 or if I switched to Canon.

    Sure the CCDs might have more or less pixels or different dramatic range but most of the features are very similar between Canon and Nikon. There are always differences between equipment and your photos and technique reflect that for better or worse. It's not that much different than when choosing between 35mm and medium format, slide and print, velvia and kodak, Agfa and Ilford. You can find some pretty incredible photos taken by people with pinhole cameras.

  2. Good call. I'm waiting to see if Canon updates the Digital Rebel (300D) soon. Maybe replace that nasty plastic body with something more durable.

  3. Comparing a D70 and 20D doesn't do the Canon Camera justice. The D70 was build as competion for the 10D, which I have. I wouldn't give it away anymore and in the end deciding between a 10D and D70 is just a matter of Taste. The 20D is next generation measured by speed, CCD and pixels, but still keeping the price range in mind. I would place the 10D and D70 as Prosumer cameras, but the 20D is already Semi Professional.

    I had the Chance to shoot a few pictures with a 20D and was deeply impressed with the improvements they made from 10D to 20D.

    If you can get a good deal for Camera and Lens together i would go for this. But I acquired Sigma lenses for my 10D because the price for comparable Canon lenses was just outrageous.

    And in the end equipment isn't everything, buying a camera is just to choose something appropriate for your needs.

  4. I have a Coolpix 5700 that I enjoy, except for the notorious problems it has in lowlight conditions (read a dpreview forum on it for entertainment). I have a motorcycle to sell, but once that's sold, I'm allowing myself $1500 to spend on the best digital camera I can get for that. I have been eyeing the D70, but all bets are off given PMA '05 (especially since it's been a year since the D70 was announced 🙂 and maybe they'll suddenly drop the 20D price after Nikon announces a competitor. Okay, so one can only hope 🙂

  5. My friend got a D70 recently, and he's been pretty happy with the results... and i think his images are pretty good. check 'em out:

    there's a real world example of the D70 in use... not by a Digital Camera Reviewer, or a Nikon rep or anything. I haven't really seen side by sides, but just looking at the D70 images there, i'd be pretty satisfied. 🙂

  6. Changes? Heh, ask and you shall receive: Canon updates "Digital Rebel"

  7. Woohoo! Jason, unless Nikon announces something in the next nine days, the 350D is my camera, baby!

    Now I just wonder how long it will take to get the darn thing to camera stores.

  8. Waiting awhile before purchasing a digital camera was a very smart thing to do. Bummer for my Nikon pal who told me to do it, because it's Canon that's leapt to the forefront. I'm geeking out today....

  9. Ken Rockwell has a comparison of the two up.

    I have the D70 and am really happy with it, but the ISO 3200 on the 20D is tempting (I shoot lots of concerts).