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QotD: Commute

Question: How long is your daily commute (in miles and minutes)?

My Answer: Miles = 0.0028 (15/5280), Minutes = 0.05 (3/60). 😀

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17 Responses to "QotD: Commute"

  1. 70 miles round trip.

    about 3/h daily (factoring in the time to get to the train station, waiting, walking to work, and then the reverse when coming home)

  2. Let's see... 20 meters from the apartment to the subway; 90 seconds on the subway to get to the next station; and a five minute walk from there to school.

  3. About 70 miles, and it takes three hours to go that distance (each way). Fortunately, I only have to do that 2-3 times per week.

  4. QotD: Commute

    Question: How long is your daily commute (in miles and minutes)?

    Distance: 4.8 miles (from Google Maps)

    Time: Usually takes about 10-15 minutes to drive to work. I only take one road to work but I cross three freeways in DFW, so it's pretty busy i...

  5. Mine is about 10 miles each way, and it takes about 15 minutes. 20 minutes is an unacceptably long commute for this particular trip.

  6. I think mine is exactly the same as Erik's... +- one foot...

  7. I don't know milage, but it's about a 30 minute car ride.

  8. 6.6 miles, round trip. 1.5 hours on foot, 30 minutes by bike.

    When I lived in SF and worked in Los Altos, it was 112 miles, round-trip, and took between 2-6 hours, total, by car, depending on traffic, or four hours by bike and CalTrain. And the car total didn't include what would sometimes end up being another 45 minutes at the end of the drive circling the same 10 block radius of my home looking for a parking spot.

  9. I think it's about 4 km each way. In the winter about 1/2 hour from door to door by bus. In the summer I bike it in about 20 minutes. I can walk it in 50 minutes.

  10. 13 minute walk to sitting in my chair in the first class of the day at my university.

    it would be 25 if there wasn't an alley, and a section of fence missing on my side of the street. 🙂

  11. That all depends how awake I am. If I'm fully awakw, it's the same as Erik's. Time can vary drastically though.

  12. 1 mile: 25 minute walk.

  13. Similar to Erik's +/- a metre. 😛

  14. .02? miles and 2 minutes.

    Pretty short for actually leaving the apartment complex.

  15. Takes about 45m-1h depending on bus speed and traffic, including walking. No idea of distance.

  16. Ugh. My commute is 40 minutes....each way. Maybe I'll enjoy it more after I get a car and I can choose when I go to work with a little bit more flexibility....

    and I'm off to work.

  17. I would guess a mile, it's a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive (unless there's some wicked traffic backed up at the end of Rte 2 near Alewife station....).