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Winter in Erie

Okay, I don't normally blog about the weather, but yesterday it was 55 and almost all the snow in Erie had melted, save for a few previously huge piles in parking lots. I walked around in a short-sleeved shirt.

Today, as of 10:30am, my car has four inches of snow on it and it's still coming down. Friggin' Erie.

That having been said, this winter has been nothing but mild. Of course, that probably means we'll still have snow in May, but I'll take what we've had so far.

4 Responses to "Winter in Erie"

  1. So goes weather in the midwest. Yesterday I was walking around campus in shorts because it was sunny and 65. By midnight last night, the snow was pouring down. I am moving to the Bay.

  2. Mrs. Eagle is from Wisconsin and came to join me in NC (actually she came to NC and then we met, but anyway...) for the weather. I personally like the white stuff and hate that we have so little of it here. It's 59F right now (40s at night) and we really need to take the flannel sheets off the bed. :/

  3. Give me a harsh winter any year.. as long as its consistent. These constant fluctuations between +5 and -15 on a daily or weekly basis is just wonderful for getting EVERYONE sick.

  4. Here in Cleveland, it was the same thing. I was walking around in shorts yesterday. Today, I had a coat over a hoody.

    And no. The weather's been shitty cold all winter. 🙂