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Canon Digital Rebel XT/350D

Waiting awhile before purchasing a digital camera was a very smart thing to do. Bummer for my Nikon pal who told me to do it, because it's Canon that's leapt to the forefront. I'm geeking out today.

3 Responses to "Canon Digital Rebel XT/350D"

  1. My wife recently confiscated my Canon A60 and said that if I wanted a camera I should buy a replacement. I've been drooling over the digital SLRs for years, but I wonder if they're beyond my needs. Wait... who am I kidding? They're WAY beyond my needs... if for no reason other than I don't know an f-stop from an ISO setting. That Rebel XT sure looks like a nice camera

  2. I'm glad I recently passed up an opportunity to buy a 300D. This looks to be a somewhat marginal improvement over the 300D but enough to bring it up to par with the Nikon D70. The only reason I'd consider going for a D70 or even a used 10D over the 350D is the lack of a top LCD and second dial on the 350D. I've read some comments about the small size and weight possibly being a problem with larger lenses, but as an amateur photographer, I doubt that would be of any concert to me.

  3. You may have seen this offer already but deals like this make it tempting to spend the extra $300 and get the 20D rather than the 350D:

    Dell 15% off