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Memorial Tournament

I just bough tickets to the Memorial Tournament, which takes place in Columbus, OH from May 30-June 5 (actual tournament play is June 2-5).

The Memorial Tournament is hosted at Muirfield Village Golf Club and always courts a strong field. Ernie Els will defend his Title, and Fred Couples and Tiger Woods rounded out the top three last year.

I got two weeklong passes. Carey and I should be able to go to a round or two, and I hope to stay with my friend Seth in Columbus (I left him a voicemail). My first PGA Tour event... yay.

2 Responses to "Memorial Tournament"

  1. Columbus rules! bahhhahahaha not!

    I'd say stop by and catch a Hockey game while you're down here, but that's fairly difficult this year.

    I went to the 2000 Memorial Tourney. Had a good time, got a few photo closeups of Tiger. But betware it can be *so* hot by then, you'll spend quite a bit downing cold brewskies to keep the heat at bay.

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