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QotD: iPhoto Library

Question: How many images do you have in your iPhoto library?

My Answer: 1229.

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11 Responses to "QotD: iPhoto Library"

  1. A whole 84 photos. But I just got my shiny new iMac G5, so I'm busy moving across data from my iBook G4!

  2. 5108. Less out-of-control than my iTunes library.

  3. your inane, pointless questions have reached an all time low. some questions we can look forward to: how many bricks are there on your driveway? how much milk does your mum put on your coco pops? do you try and fill the gaping hole in your soul by having a silly little website like me?

  4. 1826. But most of those aren't so much my photos as they are large wget collections.

  5. I have 8558 photos in my Picasa2 library. Yes, a pc user.

    John, get a life.

  6. A little over 1GB (or about 1200 photos) before last hard drive crash. All photos now safely on another computer, but not yet in the iPhoto library yet, so it's at a measly 122 photos for now.

  7. 14870, starting Jan 15, 2003. I'll add about 20-40 new ones later today 🙂

  8. On my PowerBook, none. On my iMac, about 3,200. I really need to upgrade to iLife 05 because iLife 04 leaves a lot to be desired - I have no idea which pictures are not in albums, and I have about 50 albums. It's out of control.

  9. I have two iPhoto libraries. My stock photography one has 1254 in it. My personal one has 18,593 photos in it, but is actually going down, since I'm weeding alot of crap photos out. I have to agree with Eagle -- there needs to be better organizational things in iPhoto.

  10. 20,756. iPhoto 5's interface for organizing is improved. But not good enough. I've found with this many images, don't increase the side of the thumbnails. It'll eat GB after GB of swap if you do that. And it run slow as molasses after that, till you crank the thumbnail default size back down.

  11. 1291 here at work. I have another 400 or so at home, which haven't yet made it onto my work computer.