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Cocoa/Video Job

I've got a lead on a good (Cocoa) programming job.

The job entails importing and playing video, drawing colored lines and rectangles over the video, and allowing users to step through the video frame by frame. The product also includes a video library full of short videos that need to be played (or used for comparison). So basically, Video Library + iMovie + Sketch - All those fancy iMovie effects = This Product.

It's a creampuff kind of gig, but I simply haven't got the time right now. Qualified folks should email me (me @ this domain) with the subject "Video Programming Gig." I'll follow up via IM. I don't need résumés - just introduce yourself and provide your AIM address. I suggest using an away message when you're not available, because I tend not to try more than once or twice.

As the programmer we eventually choose would be a subcontractor of Freshly Squeezed Software, we'd take a small (negotiable) finder's fee. And if the gig falls through, well, we may simply release a very, very similar product as an FSS product and offer the programmer a large stake of the sales.