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QotD: Collection

Question: If you could have the world's largest collection of any one thing, what would you collect? What would you collect if you could never sell what you had?

My Answer: Diamonds - why? C'mon… think about it. If I couldn't sell? Golf clubs. As in collectible, ancient golf clubs from the 1700s and such.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Collection"

  1. Great question.

    Today, I'd have to say video games (as long as I had the time and equipment necessary to play them.)

  2. Computers.

    I am fascinated by the history of computing, and I there is a long list of computers I would love to own. For now, I settle for Digital Retro.

  3. The value of diamonds stems not from rarity but rather from the stronghold that diamond sellers have on the market. They are actually pretty common stones (due to demand).

    I would collect uranium. 😉

  4. Computers. (If I have room for them.)

  5. Concubines

  6. Tropical Island Estates. Probably in both cases (sale and no sale).

  7. knowledge