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I'm interested in taking photos, as you may have noticed, but one of the work-related purposes is to stitch together panoramas. In the past, I've manually stitched together panoramas in Photoshop. However, I'm looking for software that makes this a little bit easier.

If it can create QuickTime VR movies, all the better, but it's far from critical. Very few people seem to actually use QuickTime movies. A preliminary search on MacUpdate provides a few leads.

6 Responses to "Panoramas"

  1. With my Canon Camera came an application called PhotoStitch. It is very good and very useful, but doesn't get close the results you can get from Photoshop. Unfortunately i don't know where to get it besides buying a Canon Camera. But I'm sure it can do QuickTime movies. I'll have a look when i get home.

  2. I just checked and it does QuickTime movies. I did a test with a couple of sample pictures that came with the app, if you're interested Mail or IM (zwocent) me.

  3. If I had the geld, I would get an eyesee 360, which via a panoramic mirror, will let you take a panorama in one shot

    I still check out Kaidan on occasion to research panoramas and qtvr, but because they have been a VAR for this type of stuff (tripod heads mostly) for so long, and have a product line as old as quicktime VR panoramas, and standardized on older digital cameras field of view, it sometimes gives the appearance of being outdated. Of course, you can do this with your own tripod, and with photoshop, as you have, with a bit of sweat equity, without your wallet feeling as gouged as a visit to Kaidan might.

  4. Photostitch is pretty good, and the built in panorama editor in PSCS/PSE3 seems to be either really good, or really bad. I recently discovered a combination of Panorama Tools, Enblend, and autopano-sift.

    I have heard good things about xblend as well. Google for links, the xblend and autopano homepages don't seem to make it past your blacklist.

  5. i have found Canon Photostitch to be much more useful (quicker, more often produces good results) than the stitcher in Photoshop CS.

    i believe it is impossible to acquire it legitimately outside of buying a piece of canon equipment.

    but its worth noting that as well as the cameras it is also bundled with many of the printers (and possibly even scanners).