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QotD: Digital Photography

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your interest in digital photography?

My Answer: Prior to a week or two ago, 3. Since then, 5. After March 25 or so, 6-7.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Digital Photography"

  1. Sounds like congratulations are almost in order! But I'm not sure what for.

    Personally, our interest in photography went from a very low number to a very high number as soon as our (first) child was born!!!

  2. Probably a 9, I love to take photos.

  3. I'd say about a 7. I love photographs, especially B&W ones, and I tend to take good ones (credit where credit is due: the camera does most of the work, but I am good at composition), but I don't take many. I really should develop that interest.

  4. About a 7 -- some albums here.

    When my first was born, I didn't have the money for much of a camera. Digital still cameras were overpriced and not very high res. When my second was born, I bought a nice Nikon 35mm SLR because I really wanted to capture growth in the kids. Resolution was still marginal in digital cameras. When my twins were born, 2 megapixels was reasonable and Adobe released Photoshop Elements so I bought the original Canon digital ELPH. Somewhere after my fifth was born, I upgraded one last time (for now) to a Nikon 5 megapixel prosumer model. Around the same time I gave my dad my Nikon 35mm SLR.

    These days one of my favorite weekend hobbies (when the kids are sleeping) is to extract the pictures, open Adobe, crop, caption, fix, etc while listening to iTunes. When it's all done I copy the results into another folder, run the unix 'mogrify' to scale them to web resolutions and then run iGal on them. WebDAV them up and ta-da ... photos for the relatives.

    I loved photography when I was a young teen and had spent much time in film darkrooms making my own black and white prints. Between digital cameras and software like the Gimp and Photoshop Elements, I'm more creative now than I ever was back then.

    Congrats (for your March arrival).

  5. Just to clear things up, my "March Arrival" that seems to be assumed to be a kid is not - it's a Canon Digital Rebel XT (the new version). That's all.

  6. Whew! Big misinterpretation.

    Still, congrats on the Canon Rebel. When it arrives you'll have to let out a "Rebel Yell" on your weblog. 🙂

  7. It usually fluctuates between about a 5 and an 8. Friday, however, it will spike to about an 11, because I have an arrival of my own. Canon EOS 20D... I'm just about shaking already. Friday's going to be a loooooong day at work.

  8. I'm actually much more interested in film photography right now. It's such a different and more satisfying process to create your images physically through chemicals and processing.

  9. You were pretty hostile against photos not so long ago...

    Well, my rating is about 8, but nothing really artistic.