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QotD: Exes

Question: Do you still talk to your exes?

My Answer: No. None of 'em. I do talk to other people's exes, though… 😉

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8 Responses to "QotD: Exes"

  1. A few... One I wish I didn't. One I wish would actually talk to me more.. and one that is infrequent, but talking with her is neither unpleasant or upsetting.

    The first one is crazy, and to date her in the first place was a mistake.

    The second one is not crazy, but she was also a mistake to date... and because of it 4 years later I am still screwed up about it.

    The third I just feel really bad about.... it kind of all started after a lot of alcohol... however I fell bad about breaking up with her, and I talk with her from time to time.

  2. I'd like to but, damn those restraining orders!

  3. I have one I talk to a lot. It was 2 years ago since we were going out together and now we're really good friends. The others I have no wish to talk to.

  4. I broke up with them so that I wouldn't have to talk to them anymore. 😛

  5. Out of the three 'exes' in my life so far, I still talk to my first one regularly, second one rarely, and the third one I want absolutely no involvement with.

  6. I have two big ex's in my life. One of them I speak to occasionally but try to avoid. The other I am dating again. Does he still count? 🙂

  7. I used to be on friendly terms with several of my exes, but now there's only one I still talk to occasionally. We run in very different circles now, especially since they all live in different states from mine.

  8. Yes, one, and her mom made my wife and I's wedding rings. She also made silver bracelets for our girls.