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QotD: Equipment

Question: What's the most beautiful piece of equipment you own?

My Answer: I've intentionally left the question vague… but I chose the word "beautiful" over "sexy" for a reason. I've recently got a set of Titleist 680s, and they're gorgeous.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Equipment"

  1. My 15" PowerBook G4.

  2. My ART TubeMP. Its compact, sleek, and it makes my music sound nice and warm no matter which mic I use. Besides that I think it's the only piece of equipment I bought recently that's new (not used), besides my headphones, so it isn't worn around the edges like used gear often is.

  3. Sorry to be obsessive, but my new Canon EOS 20d.

  4. My Lib Tech snowboard.

  5. Titanium powerbook 15"