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Back from North Carolina

Well, I'm back from North Carolina. My trip featured, among other things:

  • Nearly three full days with someone who's made my top-five list of "most annoying, clueless people in the world." The guy's a piece of work, and I could go on for hours. But I shall not.
  • Five hours or so spent in the company of one of today's top twenty golf course designers. He may be ranked in the top ten, I can't say. An affable, intelligent man who's been in the biz a loooong time.
  • A visit to the Payne Stewart statue behind Pinehurst #2's 18th green. And lunch in the Donald Ross Grill.
  • Three rounds of golf, averaging about an 80 or so. Not bad with the layoff, the new clubs, etc. I made a birdie on each course.
  • Relatively pain-free flights totalling about 1:45 in each direction. Though landing in Erie is always, uhhh, "eventful"…

Good trip, and fairly inexpensive. One I'm looking to do again sometime. Now back to work.