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Building My Own Putting Green

I've finally completed a project that's been about two months in the making: Build Your Own Putting Green (Cheaply!) details the relatively simple steps to build a low-cost indoor putting green measuring 8' x 8'.

Now comes the fun part: hooking up a computer to analyze my putting stroke. OK, I'm kidding.

But the project was fun: sawing, hammering, drilling. Gluing. And finally, putting. Three days ago I was playing golf. Today as I look out the window of my office, I see twelve new inches of snow and more on the way. To think my country club opens in less than a month?! We'll see about that, I suppose!

4 Responses to "Building My Own Putting Green"

  1. where did u get the plans?

  2. I made them up myself.

  3. Do you have any plans for a smaller putting green?

  4. These plans were helpful, but I think there are better ways to put contour into a putting green than putting shims under the sides. I am going to make a 12' x 20' putting green for a modified "golf club" I am putting together. I own a Fullswing Golf simulator and will have that available for year round use to a total of 60 players on a swipe key system. Thought I would add a realistic putting green. Will be using 2x 8's like you, but around that 12x20 frame, I will be building a 2 x 10" frame. This will function as a "lip" to keep the balls in, and add stability. I will be using a tongue in groove particle board (3/4) finished on one side for stability. Had thought about 3/4 " MDF and have the equipment to T & G it, but a builder friend suggested this. To add contour (and a little goes a long way- no Pete Dye breaks here) I will take mortar, and build some gentle contour. The real key is the surface. I think the finest true to life surface is the NP-50 nylon putting surface made by STI (Synthetic Turf International) out of Jupiter, FLA. It is extremely durable and putts around 10-11. It is not cheap, but if you need to save some money you can ask them about selected seconds that may have a slight visual defect, or a roll end piece. I am confident this will give me a putting surface that will be a tremendous and realistic practice facility. Will also have the inserts that will make the cups an inch smaller for developing laser like accuracy for 3-6 footers. Will post a pick but think the surface is awesome and will make for a world class green. Jeff Hartford