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The 14th at Tobacco Road

This 160-yard par 3 plays downhill and usually with a left-to-right wind. I took the ball at the right edge of the left bunker with a 7-iron and let the wind push it back.

The 14th at Tobacco Road

It hit long, but sucked back down the ridge to about 15 feet. I two-putted for an easy par.

3 Responses to "The 14th at Tobacco Road"

  1. I've played there - twice. If I recall correctly, both times I chickened out and shanked it left into the waste area.

    I hate par three's.

  2. What did you think of the course? I'm going to write it up for The Sand Trap soon.

    You're a lefty?

  3. No sorry - I just don't use my golf terms correctly :-p I tend to call pulls "shanks" - pretty much any time I choke and hit the ball low and straight into something. I got into that habit of calling it that a long time ago, and it haunts me to this day.

    Tobacco Road is probably the most unique course I've ever played. (I haven't gotten out much from beyond the casual public courses) I like the little yardage book they provide. I like the scenery. I honestly like the blind shots (it's the first course I've been on where you actually need to use the sounding bells). I like the fact that there is no out of bounds on the course ;-).

    I shot a 103 according to my last scorecard (I usually shoot in the low 90's, as I said, casual golfer). But I don't think that was the difficulty - it really didn't seem like a "hard" course - that was more that I was playing with my Dad and I always score higher playing with Dad. I manage to eagle #11 - which is one of only 2 eagles I've had. It's a short par 5 and I honestly got lucky with a long fairway wood shot.