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Question: Where do you watch DVDs?

My Answer: I split them about 50/50 between my computer (when I'm doing work) and my TV (when I want to just watch a movie). Both are good for their purpose, but I wouldn't watch so much on the Mac without TransLucy.

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10 Responses to "QotD: DVD"

  1. Awesome. I never heard of Trans Lucy before ... and I pride myself on knowing about all the cool OS X utilities. 🙂 Bought, on your recommendation.

  2. I scrapped my TV in favor of an EyeTV 310. I'm watching TV on my secondary 19" TFT, and DVDs (about once per year) on my 22" Cinema Display.

    Of course, if I had Erik's TV, I'd probably keep it ;).

  3. About 50% on the projector at home.

    The other 50% at work, on my iBook. (That work is 10pm-7am, so lots of down time.)

  4. About 95% on my home theatre system at home, and 5% on my Mac. If the Mac had 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 digital audio out, I might use it more. Hopefully Apple updates DVD Player to use Airport Express to accomplish this.

  5. Mostly at home on the HT setup with the big screen and brand new Samsung HD941 DVD player (that took eight months to get to me since ordering it), but on occasion I will watch TV eps (DVDs and downloads) on the Mac at work. TransLucy is awesome and I'm off to buy as soon as I'm done typing here. Thanks!

  6. Does TransLucy allow you to make windowed playback translucent? or only full screen. I poked around at the screenshots and they only had a full screen mode as a sample. I would love to make the small window translucent while keeping it "always on top" so that I could work and still grab scroll bars and icons under the movie...

  7. Yes. And you didn't answer the question.

  8. 🙂 my bad... I watch mostly on my TV (95%) and 5% on my computer when I'm working late at home...

  9. I don't know the percentages, but I watch on the TV in the living room when my roommate isn't around. When he is around and not interested in watching with me I watch them on my PC with my pre-millennial 17" CRT monitor. At over seven years old it is nearly Apple quality. Pretty good for a generic, no?

  10. I am not sure I want to divide my attention that way, except for DVDs I may not want to watch that closely anyway. I would be more likely to want this with broadcast fare of subthreshold interest, except I would type or do some sort of work, rather than channel surf.

    I am playing with the translucy preview, immediately wondering if there is a way to alter the degree of translucency.