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QotD: American History

Question: What period of American history would you most like to visit?

My Answer: The Industrial Revolution had to have been cool. New millionaires were springing up left and right, optimism was everywhere, and business was booming. Imagine the impact you could have made if you had just one great idea? Or the impact you would have felt watching the many great ideas of others.

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6 Responses to "QotD: American History"

  1. 1939-1945. The World War II era has always fascinated me. America coming out of the Great Depression and emerging as a world power. But that's only the broad view of it. Women emerging as a work force, and the entire nation pulling together making sacrifices for the common good-- simply too many facets to mention here...

  2. How about the period when there weren't any damn Americans? 🙂 I'd like to live with the Inuits way back when, I reckon. Otherwise, give me Europe any day.

  3. Either the mid-90s, so I could make some easy money and then cash in before the crash, or the 60s, the last era when mainstream news still had some level of integrity and the American public actually held politicians accountable for their actions.

  4. I would have said the industrial revolution also. I've read several books on it and I think it would be a kick. I think the most fascinating periods of our history happen in peacetime when we have money around.

  5. Be sure you read the versions of the histories of the innovators of the industrial revolution that describe the years of failure, including that of their competitors, hard work without reward, and just plain dumb luck, that was involved in their success. Oh, and you might have to work a few laborers to death as well.

  6. to visit, i'd like to go to the depression era.

    i think that'd be interesting.

    that, and the founding fathers era, and ask them about "theoretical situations" just to see how disgusted they'd be with how america is today. 🙂