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QotD: Domains

Question: How many domains do you own?

My Answer: I just wanted an excuse to link to this one: picking up expired domains. But I will answer the question: 27. All of which have been used for their intended purpose at one point or another, and some of which obviously still are. Some are defunct and simply point to current sites.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Domains"

  1. depending on how you count, i have 7-12 domain names. is *MY* domain name... it was going to be a Quake clan, but then i lost interest in the game. a few months later i decided to start using it, and i haven't stopped since. 😉 is a domain touting a project that i've decided to call vaporware.... the half that i gave to the public never left beta, and the side i was planning on charging never even got *IN* to alpha! i'm planning on letting it laps (or maybe it has recently lapsed) and forget about the project until i have some more free time on my hands... or someone pays me to finish it., .net, .biz is going to be a consulting business that i'm going to start with a bunch of my room mates. i got the domains, i'm running the DNS, and web servers, but i'm letting them deal with the web site. 😉, i'll let speak for itself. 😀

    I also run the websites, and DNS, and servers for, and .net, and (all the same website)

    finally, i run the server that and .net

  2. I own between 20-30 domains, most of the time I just register domains for project ideas I have. It's really cheap to register a domain these days so I might as well. Plus I'm the developer of DomainTracker so I need lots of domains for my database ;-).

  3. Three.,, and

  4. either 2 or 5 of my own, depending if you count having the same domain in com net and org, and maybe 4 other little projects for myself and friends.

    9 total technically.