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New TiVo

Apparently I have to buy a new TiVo today. The one I have has died. Died died died. It just says "Welcome. Powering Up…" forever.

I don't mind too much. The toughest thing will be re-creating the Season Passes. I only had about four or five shows saved that I'd not yet watched or wanted to keep.

Grrrrrr. Maybe the Series 2 TiVos you can buy now will let me "dial up" using my wireless network. I'm off to Circuit City/Best Buy.

6 Responses to "New TiVo"

  1. Sorry to hear about that. And yup, you can replace the hard drive, or you can buy a new one. The series 2 will in fact let you use a USB ethernet dongle... unless it's a DirecTV TiVo, then you're out of luck, network-wise.

    I have a 20-hour series 1 TiVo and I wonder how much longer it'll last.

  2. You may be able to re-install the software, which is based on Linux. If you dig around TiVo's website, you can find the source & install images.

    I have a DirecTV TiVo, which unfortunately doesn't support series 1 or HMO features. When DirecTV introduces their non-TiVo DVR, I'll probably switch if it offers those features.

  3. I posted a question at and eagerly await the response(s).

  4. [Ed: Comment Deleted. If I wanted a friggin' ReplayTV I'd have bought a friggin ReplayTV.]

  5. My series 2 USB port died just about a month ago... days later purchased an HDTV display... so I went with my local cable companies PVR. I love the dual HD-Tuner and I love the fact I can now record stuff off HBO (hated using the IR-stuff). So I would have suggested you check out what your local cable company offers. However, the UI is horrible and works counter initiative and I have to tune to channel 800 to see what I recorded? I can't get the show info as it plays... and to delete a show I have to select the show (select), arrow down to erase (select), the have to press the 'a' button to confirm the fact I wish to erase the program. I'm not sure how the program team behind that sorry excuse could even show themselves in public.

    To me TiVo is still king of the hill... now if only the would produce a CableCard HD ready system, that cost under a grand, life would be grand.

    Now the question is this did you get a Series 2 (black-ish box) or a Series 2 series 2 (silver-ish box).

    BTW: Now where can I download a torrent file for the latest WestWing... oh yea I didn't record tonight... but I did get three Will & Grace's last night (instead of Scrubs... seems as if the PVR isn't all that smart) SIGH.

  6. It's silver. I don't think the color matters. And I don't think there were any black ones.