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Burned by Nintendo DS

I must admit to feeling a bit burned by the Nintendo DS. The darn thing has all of four games (ok, slight exaggeration). Pretty pathetic, really.

Anyone want a Nintendo DS + Tiger Woods for, I dunno, $150, including S&H? 😛

11 Responses to "Burned by Nintendo DS"

  1. Wait 6 months. I'll admit there's not much out right now, just Mario and Wario, but there's a lot of good stuff in the queue. I'm in Japan and click on Yoshi, a Bejeweled clone, and drawable Pacman are all out now. In a few weeks, we'll get Nintendogs, Kirby, and Electroplankton the funky sound art game. Meanwhile, there's Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and a new Mario sidescroller out in release date TBA-land. If they're smart, someone is porting the first Smash Brothers game and GoldenEye. Plus, there's rumors that Nintendo is licensing some software from Palm. It's just a rumor now, but I'll bet that they release a web browser for the DS eventually. There's a game conference today, so hopefully they'll announce their plans for using the built in 802.11b soon.

  2. Sure! I'll even come and pick it up, I only live an hour from Erie.... good ole' western NY...

    P.S., I can't put my domain in because it contain "u s . com" i had to put the spaces in because it doesn't like it if i don't.

  3. The issue has been resolved. I'll also point out that those with a TypeKey registration need not worry about MT-Blacklist.

  4. Tomorrow is the release date for the DS in Europe, and I'm going to buy one just for Mario 🙂

  5. Ouch! You mean you like none of the GameBoy Advanced games that you can play on it (all of them). And you don't think that the many new games coming out this month are going to be worthwhile? My son plays all of his Advanced games and really loves the Mario and Spiderman titles. He is even more excited about the Metroid title due this month.

  6. NSLog(); - Burned by Nintendo DS

    NSLog(); - Burned by Nintendo DS

    The fact that he used the word "Burned" is just toooooo good. Where have we heard that word tossed around to describe Sony about every day. Radiospy you best go defend your empire!!

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  9. It... dunno it just looks so old in regards to the PSP .. no ?

    Yes yes, game play et al., but seriously, its... nuh it really reminds me of the good old Nintendo days :::

    Still working (though not mine on pic)

  10. I don't blame you for not being into the DS just yet... because I'm not either. I know you can play GBA games on it too, but I'd just as soon play the GBA games on the smaller, cooler GameBoy SP.

    I'm completely in love with my SP. I have a black one that is easily hidden and doesn't look like as much like child's gaming system as the other colors. I can take it out whenever I am waiting for anything like a class, a meeting, the start of work, etc. I love that it is the size of my wallet too. That is so nice.

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