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Colorization Using Optimization

If this is ever released, it will sell for quite a bit of money. WOW.

Found via Kevin Fox.

4 Responses to "Colorization Using Optimization"

  1. Wow is the word. That looks like a really userfriendly way of restoring colour, which seems to work quite astonishingly well too!

    Thanks for the link.

  2. If this is ever released, it will sell for quite a bit of money.

    It already is released. If you'll look at the navigation list after the abstract, you'll see that they make the paper available (with the complete algorithm description) as well as a Matlab reference implementation. So it doesn't look like they're planning on sell it (the README for the Matlab code says it's "free for research purposes").

  3. Heh--Dani, one of the authors, was at Pixar for a while. He's also done some cool work with HDR (high dynamic range imaging)

  4. Color by Lines

    I came across this cool way of coloring images on NSLog. Just scribble a few colored lines and the software will take care of the rest. There's a Matlab implementation available already, but I can't wait until this makes it into mainstream software. Th...

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