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Need a Few Names

We're looking to add two sections to The Sand Trap: a weekly interview series and a "list" column. We have a category for opinions ("Swing Thoughts") and one for random small news ("Tap-Ins") that stick with the golf theme, but we've yet to come up with good names for the interview and list columns.

Maybe you can help out…

The list column will be a weekly "top 5" (or "worst 5"). Like "smoothest swings" and "best pressure players." We'd kicked about names like "Sand Blasts" and "The Leaderboard" and "Bunker Shots" but none stuck. We liked "Bunker Shots" the most because it ties into the site's name quite a bit, and also allows us to rank the results in more detail than 1-5. Our idea was to rank each "bunker shot" as the distance from the hole, so 1 may be "In the Hole" while 2 and 3 may be 3'8" and 4'2" to show the further define the list. In this example, 2 and 3 are closer to each other than 2 is to 1.

The interview will be just that - a weekly interview with someone in the golf industry. Players, CEOs, superintendents, etc. We'd kicked around names like "The Grillroom" and "Fireside Chat" and other things, but again, none really stuck out.

Be the first to supply the winning name or names and we'll give you $20 in Freshly Squeezed Software products.

6 Responses to "Need a Few Names"

  1. How about "The Clubhouse" for the interviews. Seems obvious, so maybe you already threw it away.

    BTW, I know nothing about naming, been wrestling with find a name for my own software company for weeks now and nada.

    Good luck!

  2. How about: The Back Door for the interview section?

    or maybe the Backswing

    or what about the Pro Shop (for either)

    Good luck coming up with something! 🙂


  3. hey,

    how about "a round with..." for the interview section: let's you get in the name of the interviewee in the headline, which, i think, would be could for people who pick it up with rss.


    peter wilcox

  4. How about "The Scorecard" for the list? Maybe the "19th Hole" for the interviews, or "Pro-Am" to relate the professionals interviewed to the readers.

  5. How about "Reading Greens" for the list?

  6. I just came across the term "divots". I thought it was an interesting term...