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My Day So Far

Went to the driver's license center for the third time this week. Monday was "pictures only" day. Tuesday I found out that there was a problem with my FL license. Today I was told that, despite the fact that I had all the proper paperwork on Tuesday, things had changed and I'd need to get yet another form and come back yet again. Fun. Joy.

Then my new digital camera arrived. I charged the batteries and spent the requisite amount of time goofing around by taking pictures of just about everything in my office. I kept four shots out of about 150. One of them (a dumb closeup of a lens cap) is now my desktop picture. Whoopty doo. It's cold out and I have no interest in going outside to shoot pictures of anything. The camera is small, and not in a good way. I'll have to get used to its size.

Did some work, read some things, and have a headache. Much work to do tonight - I need to finish writing a review for something, and a story for The Sand Trap. Speaking of which, Brad and I (mostly Brad) are working on a new golf statistics app that anyone who IMs me is welcome to try. No stats yet - but round and course entry is nearly complete.

P.S. Absolutely none of the photo gallery solutions suggested awhile back really stuck out to me. It's actually somewhat disappointing. Where's the $300 awesome photo gallery package for PHP and MySQL?