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QotD: March Madness

Question: Do you go mad in March?

My Answer: Yeah, from all the friggin' basketball on TV. I've often said that I'll play any sport, but basketball is just about the only sport I won't even watch on TV. I'd rather watch bowling or curling. I don't watch NASCAR (but then again, I don't consider it a sport). Everywhere I look, friggin' basketball. It's maddening.

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One Response to "QotD: March Madness"

  1. All sports seem to be marketed this way... extending an entirely sensible season to double its coverage, and take advantage in the lulls in coverage of other spectator sports. Even if you do enjoy basketball, it seems maddening because the TOURNAMENT season lasts nearly as long as the regular season... that is, they already have played enough games to get ranking, even a championship to see what team is king of the hill for that year, but instead of stopping there, they merely use that to SEED another tournament.

    Blame cable.