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Perfume Ads… by Men?

I've watched more commercials lately. Ever since that episode on The Apprentice where they made a cucumber porn to advertise some body lotion.

Driving home from the social security office today, I tried to think of a commercial for perfume that didn't feature women. J.Lo has her own perfume. Britney Spears does too. Back in the day, so did Debbie Gibson (Electric Youth, right?). Anyway, there are lots of perfumes out there… yet none are endorsed by men.

The morning talk show folks mentioned a product that Alec Baldwin was promoting but would never use, and "perfume" sprung to mind. Why hasn't a perfume company hired Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, or some other "hunk" to promote a perfume? Have them walking a red carpet, waving and smiling. Have them pause, sniff, and turn and go back to a woman to say "I have to say, I love your perfume" or something like that. Heck, get a bunch of male "hunk" celebrities to film a bunch of commercials like that, and I think you'd have a good ad campaign.

I realize women wear perfumes for more reasons than to attract men, but that reason is surely in the top three, is it not?

3 Responses to "Perfume Ads… by Men?"

  1. It's cause men are supposed to wear cologne. 🙂

  2. I see you missed out on Alan Cumming's new fragrance simply titled "Cumming"

    Buy it now

  3. That's a men's fragrance, Karl, not a woman's perfume.