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Question: For those with digital cameras, do you shoot in RAW?

My Answer: I would do RAW+JPEG, but the XT's ".CR2" files are currently unreadable by Lightbox, iPhoto, and Photoshop. So for now, it's JPEG only. Harumph. 🙁

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5 Responses to "QotD: RAW"

  1. I don't shoot RAW. Try iView Media Pro. It's great.

  2. Do you have Adobe Raw plugin for photoshop ?

    And the new iPhoto should also support raw, but I haven't tryed it yet.

  3. Yes, I do Bruno. ".CR2" is a new RAW format, though, and neither iPhoto nor Photoshop support it.

  4. I do shoot raw more and more these days, though I tend to try to use it only for shots I really want to be "keepers". The pentax raw format is uncompressed though, so each file is ~13m, and a day of shooting like that will fill up my 1G of cardspace pretty fast.

  5. My Canon A60 won't shoot raw - it's 2MP JPEG for me.

    And now you've got me seriously considering a Rebel XT for myself; it would be my first SLR camera, and playing with one today at Wolf was the first time I'd ever played with an automatic SLR. (My father was an amateur photog and he used to have several fully manual SLRs.)

    Have you heard anything about .CR2 support in iPhoto, or have you possibly discovered a workaround? Just curious - even with that support I'd probably stick with JPEG except for when I really cared about having high quality photos.