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Stuck CDs in your Mac

You'd be amazed how frequently people got CDs stuck in their computer, and as ForeverGeek suggests, eject cd in open firmware is the easiest way to get a disc out of your Mac. Never, ever did I as a Mac Genius have to use drutil tray eject or use a paper clip. The mouse trick also works, but far more reliably on older machines and is more likely to work if the mouse is plugged into the computer and not a hub.

Open Firmware, by the way, is great, and even has its own song.

Oh the stories I have…

3 Responses to "Stuck CDs in your Mac"

  1. Ditto. I use 'eject cd' at the Bar all the time, in combination with a few business cards if the CD is fine, but the drive is preventing it from coming out. using OF is just a plain simple way to get a CD out.

  2. ObMacHistoryFanBoyism: I learned the mouse trick from the cofounder of my employer, Bruce Horn. Prior to that, I used the paper clip every time I needed a disk ejected.

  3. Hi, is there any way to get 2 cd's out? My son put 2 in there yesterday, and I've been frantically looking up ways to get them out!! Can anything be done? Our Mac has the cd drive built into the moniter by the way. Thanks if anyone can offer some advice.