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QotD: Punch a Wall

Question: Have you ever punched a wall?

My Answer: Only the padded ones in gyms, and only very gently. I get upset sometimes, but my anger manifests itself in verbal outbursts, and even then they're usually under my breath (particularly when playing golf or in the company of others).

This question comes about because I was perusing a camera forum and people were sharing pictures of their hands, and stories of how many bones they'd broken or dislocated after punching walls. I have no freaking idea what could ever make someone punch a wall. Walls are solid, and even drywalls have studs every 16" or so.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Punch a Wall"

  1. I don't do full swings, but I will punch the brick walls in my school with force from a very close distance to build up a pain tolerance in my hands.

  2. Never punched a wall, but the time I took a sledgehammer to a wall was mighty satisfying! (Relax -- I was just taking out some old lathe and plaster, remodeling part of my house.)

  3. yes, but then among other things I've put my hand through bricks and boards, so drywall was just a variation.

    But if you don't know what you're doing, you're going to mess your hand UP

  4. Yeah, I punched a wall but it totally deserved it!

    Seriously, no. I've never punched a wall. Never saw the need to do so. I never saw the point in possibly breaking a bone in my hand just for a brief moment of anger.

    An ex-roommate of mine in college once punched a hole in the wall of our apartment (very thin walls) just to see if he could. Thanks to that moron I lost part of my security deposit due to excessive damage.

  5. Yep...

    I'd just got done talking to a girl that made me really, really upset, and I put my hand through my bedroom wall.

    It was a great stress reliever, but I'm lucky I didn't hit a stud.

    And no, there was no one else around ( I wasn't showing off, or intimidating or whatnot...)

  6. no, never punched a wall. mostly because I have slightly weak wrists, and I would like to keep them in one piece. I have managed to dent metal filing cabinets with my head though.

  7. I've been known to punch the desk (or hit it) when programming, and dealing with the computer deciding it really doesn't like me. Besides, I think the desk was in on it, so it deserved it.

    My way of dealing with stress is usually verbal, however. I find it generally leaves me in less pain.

  8. It's never occurred to me to try that when angry. Odd though, my father used to do it all the time. He does drywall and taping for a living so he knows where all the studs are I guess. Never had an injury from that as far as I can remember.

  9. It's amazing how that other gender can evoke such strong emotion, no? Normally I just swallow my anger and let it seep out some other way later. Yesterday's argument with my wife was the first time that I tried a wall instead. I don't recommend it. I hit stud, cracked the drywall, scared the hell out of our neighbour (I live in an apartment) and our dog and, as the sustained swelling and ugly discolouration have recently convinced me, broke my hand. Maybe if I just ignore it, it will fix itself... Hopefully others will learn from my stupidity. Walls are not there to vent anger on. They're there to hold up the ceilings and pictures.

  10. I punch walls as a form of self-injury. When feeling very depressed, or when I feel particularly upset and someone or a situation (usually a combonation of both), I drive my fist into whatever is nearby, causing me to bleed and later scar, although I have never broken a bone as of yet. In the end, it realy doesn't solve much.
    I've learned how to stop myself.