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Reese’s Pieces

I spilled some Reese's Pieces on my desk today and, remembering what I'd read about f-stops and depth of field, I set about trying different shots with different shutter speeds. I set my Rebel XT to "Tv" mode, or "shutter priority" mode, put the camera on a tripod, and took different pictures. I could have chosen aperture priority mode (Av), but seeing as how I was just going to be taking pictures over a range, I didn't see much difference.

Reese's Pieces

I took pictures at everything from 1/8 second (f5.6) to 4 seconds (f20, the picture you see here). The difference in brightness as well as depth of field is pretty interesting. Focal length was 132 mm (without any multiplication by 1.6) and I used the pretty standard 200 ISO.

3 Responses to "Reese’s Pieces"

  1. [Ed: someone can't follow policy.]

  2. I'm pretty sure they're Reese's Pieces and not Reece's.

  3. The reason to use Av instead of Tv is because as light changes (and it can change quickly!), Tv will give you inconsistent aperture values (it'll be f8 one second and f5.6 the next). Using Av will allow you to keep what you were aiming to explore, aperture, in your control while varying what you don't care about (shutter speed).