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Rounded CSS Corners

Rounded CSS corners without rounded images? Yep!

5 Responses to "Rounded CSS Corners"

  1. Fantastic! About time too... Thanks for posting it!

  2. Yes, it's a nice solution, and another good example of using JavaScript more transparently to enhance a site.

    But this flaming topic on rounded corners just won't be settled until all major browsers (yes, I'm aiming at IE mostly) supports the CSS :before and :after selectors. They give a lot more freedom on creating rounded corners, and when IE supports PNG with alpha channels natively, you could create whatever you want and call it a corner 🙂

    The "Nifty Corners" uses no extra HTML in your document, and no extra CSS - but it uses quite a bit of JavaScript "just" for a rounded corner effect... And if I let myself be picky for a moment, I'd more prefer CSS to handle the visual part and let JavaScript do some "nifty" behavioral thingy.

  3. By the time a perfect rounded-corners solution is found, the trend will have passed. Like drop-shadows are passing, for instance.

    To be honest the drop-shadow fad should have never happened, but we're all guilty. Even the new OS X is drastically softening the shadows. It's sad when a web fashion from just over a year ago already looks extremely dated already.

  4. CSS should have supported that without a hack since the very beginning...

  5. Even then it would probably look different (or crappy) on certain browsers, and everyone would still use hacks or images to get what they wanted.