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Big Printing

Should I ever need a 6'x4' picture (yes, feet) printed for less than $75, I now know where to get it.

Found it via a Digital Rebel Forum I've stumbled onto today.

I took a panoramic photo (6 pictures stitched together) of Machu Piccu and wanted a larger print made. I emailed 3 different places that I found online. They all said that they could print it up to about 30" - 35" wide by about 6-8" tall. Two of the places wanted about $100.

Big Print Shop charged me.......$6.83. So I bought two of them and paid about $17 including shipping and tax. They're about 32" x 6.5"

They charge by the square foot, no matter what you're printing or how big it is.

Quality is purported to be very good. Wowee.

One Response to "Big Printing"

  1. That is really cool. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll actually be needing that sometime soon.