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Golf Scholarship

I recently redesigned the website for the country club to which I belong - Lake View Country Club - and the only thing I've asked for as payment for what would have normally been about a $3,000+ job was a $335 junior membership that I could give away to a golfer at my former high school (North East High School).

Eight or nine scholarship applications were turned in, and I'm eager to see the responses. I asked people their name, grade, and GPA. Then I asked people four questions:

  1. Briefly describe your playing experience (how long you've played, any memberships you've had, etc.).
  2. How would you make use of a junior membership to Lake View?
  3. What is the best part of your game? What needs the most work?
  4. What does the game of golf mean to you?

My criteria, all other things being equal, and in order:

  1. Needs beats "can afford it for themselves."
  2. A sophomore beats a senior. Sophomores are less likely to have summer jobs, too.
  3. Desire beats complacency.
  4. Someone who's played on the team before beats someone who may not even bother to try out.

I should be meeting with the coach tomorrow, my birthday, to decide who gets the gift of a junior membership at the best course in northwestern PA.

3 Responses to "Golf Scholarship"

  1. You should post this on TheSandTrap. This is a great idea. Have a good birthday tomorrow.

  2. Cheers to you! I applaud your decision and your morals. A lot of people can learn a lot about your choice of "payment".

  3. If anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday, buy some software instead. 😉 I've long since passed the stage where I care about being another year older. I'm a day older than yesterday, just like I will be tomorrow....